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Organic foods should not be thought as a trend but as the natural, optimal, everyday way of living.

Our food is made from local and organic ingredients where possible. No G.M.O preservatives or additives are used.

opening out doors in September 2015 organic products and healthy food has come to provide dining <<breakfast, lunch and dinner>> (everything is made using the same ingredients as the ones we sell on our selves). and a selection of unique Certified Organic Products. Coffee beans and certified organic beans roasted by certified <<BioBean>>

Why Organic

There's a complete misconception  worldwide in regards to eating Organic. Some claim it to be a fad or a trend when in fact, the opposite is true.

supermarkets and stores are filled with pre-packaged products all containing many etc.., that people consume on a daily basis. yet how many ask themselves, "why are these in the products to begin with? Why are these poisons in our food"? those are questions worth asking.

There is a health food section in most stores, so what does that make all the other food? We say eating healthy os expensive. shouldn't we ask why junk food is so cheap instead? Organic is not a fad or trend. Organic food is food that is produced without chemicals, without GMO's or preservatives. You could call Organic food the only food safe to eat. Yet the name 'Organic' is widely - but incorrectly - understood to be expensive food primarily consumed by certain groups of people (eg.; 'hippies'). Organic is fresh, clean and is the only way to eat. 

The Future of Organic

Organic should be getting support from the government. Pre-packaged food is constituting to numerous health-related conditions in both kids and adults and we should be making a stand so organic becomes the only way to eat. We should be education children in school about foods and the potential harmful effects of chemicals, G.M.O's and preservatives so as to enable them to make responsible and educational choices as adults.

The Government should be promoting the benefits of organic foods and products and not indirectly enabling the spread of obesity, diabetes and other health conditions, though taxing large advertising fees that corporations such as McDonald's pay to media companies. 

Media companies continue promoting food brands such as Coca Cola, Cadbury, etc. Through targeting advertising appealing to people's  need to feel good and with one objective profile.